Mineral and Thermal Springs


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Therapeutic water, ornamental plants and orchids

The city has some of the best radioactive springs in Brazil, and their water is used in alternative treatments of gastrointestinal and hepatic illnesses, urinary diseases, in addition to rheumatism and skin conditions. 

Its climate is favorable for growing orchids and ornamental plants, which attract, every September, 200 mil visitors to the EXPOÁ, a trade fair that gathers farmers, exhibitors and collectors from all over the country.

Poá is also a religious destination, famous for being the place where Father Eustáquio worked some of his miracles, first with water brought from the Massabielle spring (France) and later on with water from the city’s springs. 

Main attractions

Áurea Fountain, Primavera Fountain, Chácara Maluf Orchidarium, Vicente Leporace Bath House, Roda Viva Fishing Farm, Casa da Estação, Our Lady of Fátima Church, Handcraft Fair, Beatified Father Eustáquio Statue and Santa Helena grotto.

Main events

Carnival (February/March), Corpus Christi Street Decoration (June), Winter Festival (July), EXPOÁ – Orchid and Ornamental Plant Exhibition (September), Divino Feast and Festa Junina (June). 


City Hall: www.poa.sp.gov.br

Tourist Office: (55 + 11) 4639-3413

Getting there

Poá is 28 km from São Paulo (SP).

Car: Rodovia Ayrton Senna (SP-070), exit on km 35 to Itaquaquecetuba.

Bus:  Unileste - www.emtu.sp.gov.br - Phone: 0800-7240505

Buses depart from several spots in São Paulo city, such as Brás and Parque Dom Pedro II metro stations.



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